Criminal Clothing Photoshoot.

To help build me up professionally, one of my aims is to do as much work/ get as much experience possible to beef up my C.V and my professional portfolio- to help make me stand out from the thousands of fashion graduates all wanting the same dream job.

I got the opportunity to work with a fellow Arts University College student in photography, Ian McIntyre, he was looking for a stylist to help with his live project associated with 'Criminal Clothing'.
The brief was stating that it was looking for photographers to help contribute their work for Criminals promotion and in-house advertising like the look-book and the website.

The concept is based on 'Attitude Controversy Passion', the look of the shoot is based on two characters- but one person, like 'Dr.Jekyll and Hyde'- the not so 'cool' character is just dressed plainly and blends into the background whilst the outgoing and funny character automatically is cool because he is wearing Criminal clothing, he's standing out of the crowd.

It was my first time working as a stylist on location and with the photographer present, in previous experiences, the client and I have gone shopping or looking for the pieces that will help put the look together but I was not present. We were on location at one of the local student bars 'Sixty Million Postcards', Slades Farm (local woodlands park), and the University Arts Bar. It was an insightful experience considering I had to do my best as the clothes that were to be provided were no-longer coming so Ian had to pull pieces from previous Criminal projects and there was only one pair of jeans, three t-shirts and a jacket, however- it worked because of the bright colors, it helped me to make the characters relevant to the brief, the 'not so cool' character just wore a simple black hoody and jeans and the 'outgoing and funny' character was in an array of colors- t-shirts and hoodys it was simple but it did the job.

I made good contacts with the people that I worked with also, it was a good way of networking. Pictures soon to follow.

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