The September Issue

Grace Coddington- in her modeling days.
'Color-blocking' A shoot styled by Grace Coddington featured in the film and the U.S Version of 'Vogue' September 2007
Andre Leon Talley
Grace Coddington
Anna Wintour and Andre Leon Talley- front row at New York Fashion Week.

Recently I had the opportunity to watch the documentary-style film 'The September Issue', which features the story/ process behind putting together an issue for the U.S version of 'VOGUE'.

A film by R.J Cutler featuring Anna Wintour, this film goes behind the scenes of the making of the 'Vogue' September issue, it covers all the different stages involved to make the edition successful. Watching this film helped me gain a major insight and further understanding on how the fashion magazines play a big role in the fashion industry, how they generate business for designers and fashion companies alike. I had always herd of Anna Wintour but never really understood what she actually does, but from watching this film I was able to get a look into her 'world' which is Vogue. I have a new found level of respect for what she does and what she represents, her job isn't easy (to those who understand and love fashion) ( but to those who don't she herself states and I quote 'they find my job amusing'.

The difference between this film and 'The Devil Wears Prada' isn't a big one, the layout of the offices are the same, the 'lifestyle' and even the idea that her workers 'fear' her. However as much as I respect Anna Wintour I don't necessarily respect the way she goes about her business and the so called 'ice queen' persona that she retains, both in the public and business eye. I do however like her two colleagues Andre Leon Talley and Grace Coddington. Personally if it were possible I'd love to be best friends with Mr. Talley and mentor/be a shadow of Mrs. Coddington- their both fabulous people with an even more fabulous way of getting their creative view across and they are creative professionals whom I admire greatly.

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