Comp Shop with Jo.

New Look
Ted Baker

One of our lectures as promotors with Jo was to go 'comp shopping' (competitive shopping), which is basically a chance for us as promotors/buyers to go out into the high street and look at 'what's in' and what's new for (Jacket) trends, to give us an idea as to what sort of designs we should be featuring in our collections for our traces project in order to beat our competitors. I've had experience doing comp shops both for placement and also towards my summer project jacket research and really enjoy them because you get an opportunity to really scour the rails and look at what the high street is producing in detail.

From all the stores I looked at (H&M, Marks and Spencers, Zara, New Look, Topshop, Ted Baker and Mango) here are a list of some of the design details/product information things I discovered.
  • Basic jacket styles available in primary colors
  • Sharp shapes and a good balance of voluminous and fitted silhouettes
  • Price points- low £25, Mid £45, Best £75, Premium £100+
  • Alot of blazers with matching linings
  • Ruffles,waterfall and asymmetric necklines
  • Body fabrics; boiled wool, acrylic, wool, mohair, cotton, PU, crushed velvet and leather
  • Lining Fabrics; polyester, cotton and nylon
  • Components; zippers, studs, diamonds, dyed to match buttons and poppers

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