"For what the Gods have bestowed upon us mad creatives let us cherish" M.S

Hello hello, Happy New….well let’s be honest it’s a bit late for all that isn’t it? However I just wanted to come back and wipe off the virtual dust and fill you in on my latest fashion shenanigans.

As mentioned in ‘Design Your World, I am back at fashion school this time round studying design. After my first term I was incredibly surprised with myself, previous attempts to pattern cutting and sewing were not always successful. This occasion I learnt that design is not always about the outcome and more about the process. I faced one of my (now former) fears of working on the stand/translation: creating a pattern for a garment using the mannequin.
I remember watching episodes of Project Runway’ in awe at how they would whip up patterns in what seemed like matters of minutes using the mannequins, my experience though has taught me that first and foremost it’s not matters of minutes and secondly it requires a great deal of patience.

The brief set was to design a jacket for a live competition set by the Society of Dyers and Colourists entitled ‘Making It Personal’, the key elements of meeting this brief was:
- Unique and personal,
-Bulk manufacturing with minimum waste

At the introduction of making it personal I decided to do this in two ways.  Tailor the personalisation to me the designer as well as to the consumer. As an avid art lover, my work is deeply rooted in a lot of historical and cultural references, so it seemed more than befitting to use my favourite painting as inspiration for this project.  Sandro Botticelli’s renaissance Venus would be envisioned as a modern day women walking the streets of Paris wearing her very own unique jacket designed and made by moi.

My favourite painting and inspiration for this brief by Sandro Botticelli 'Birth Of Venus'. Image Source.

My ideas were not so easily formulated but it took to embracing fear by working on the half stand in order to pave the way to what was a glorious full-scale design.
This is where I started, on the half scale, my ideas changed and developed as I went on to work on the full size mannequin.

I’m happy and proud to say that I struggled because I believe that creativity and it’s process in all its forms should be honest. There is absolutely no point in creating anything that is easily something you hate. Do what you love and love what you do.  Not all have the ability to create human life, but we do have the gracious marvel that the Gods have bestowed upon us to create full stop.  I am not yet in completion but I thought I would share with you a part of my journey for this piece. It is the first jacket I have ever attempted to make and it’s the beginning of many more.
Toile of my design, still a work in progress.

"For what the Gods have bestowed upon us mad creatives let us cherish" M.S

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  1. This is inspiring! Can't wait to see the finished product.

  2. Great piece of work. Hope you get a good success for the jacket you have designed.