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'The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling.’
I don’t think anyone could put it any better that Mr Fabienne Fredrickson. It was only the other night that I truly cemented in my heart, mind and soul that designing my own world was and is part of my purpose in life. My calling has seen me running back to the fashion design studio at school. With a good wealth of commercial fashion experience, I’m ready to put needle to fabric and sew my heart out.
From a reflective note I’ve always wanted and needed a space to work in, whether it was a little corner at the end of the bunkbed in my childhood home or installing an industrial workbench in the loft, a creative official workspace to ‘cut oneself off’ from the rest of the world/home so to speak, has always been an essential need. An individual without one is very miserable at best. I know in the deepest depths of my heart having a space (similar to the moodboard above) where I can sew, paint, draw, cut, design, potter, splash, embroider you name it, is one of my greatest desires. Either in the home or separate either way I know I will be happy.  For now I will make the absolute most of the uni pattern cutting tables and overlockers (drools), not to mention the screen printing facilities available (harmonises the words…(heaven) . Meanwhile until such time the aforementioned occurs, I will enjoy buying more fabric (buttons, zips, sequins, ribbons, knitting yarn) (as well as use the ones I have now #hoarder), increase my storage organising skills so much so Martha Stewart will be in awe, because a messy discombobulated studio is just  no bueno’ for moi, because it will be very important to stock up-otherwise I will have an empty studio.
So as I work towards this, I’m just putting it out there… investors, friends, family, future husband or anyone who wants to sell/give me a spot on London’s ‘great Talgarth road’ ( those windows!!!) …..you know what to do hehe.
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