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'I feel that the simplicity of life is just being yourself
(Bobbi Brown)

Nothing comes close to being yourself, than loving the skin you are in, and with there being so many shades of 'nude' it's strange and unfair that the nude complexion is difficult to find for black women. I mean beige is hardly sexy is it? 
In the middle of my research for some lingerie design I have been working on..I stumbled across the brand 'Nubian Skin' which answers the very issue of providing 'smalls'in shades suitable for black women. 
First and foremost I LOVE the name, so unique and tells you about the brand straight away without having to explain or make it awkward to make people understand. (a bit like when you have to explain how weaves work..and the crowd nods).
The range is simple and chic and covers the basics from your lacy push ups to smooth t-shirt bras. 
What I appreciate to is their little helpful 'nude colour grade' system which references popular make-up foundation brands like MAC NC50 or Estee Lauder Double Wear in toasted toffee. 
...more importantly it's available in the UK!! ASOS so far are the only other retailers besides their site-they are selling fast. 
I only hope they do a DD+ range too.
I am awaiting my order- which I will include in an upcoming post based on all my favourite nude things from beauty to fashion etc. 

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