Sugar and Spice and everything thats nice.

' I'll shave my legs tomorrow'


'Spitters are quitters'

Growing up, I remember watching my grandmother sitting in the corner; she always had a cup of tea, a blanket, bible, knitting needles and a box full of yarn (she was the original old school kind of nana). She would knit and sew to her hearts content, making for all my brothers and sisters scarves, cardigans and lots of crochet tea cosies and placemats. Knitting was something I learnt from my mother through my grandmother and is skill I truly appreciate and love and continue to improve. Unfortunately, needlework/arts and crafts/sewing etc is somewhat lost on this generation. The habits and traits of ‘fast fashion’ has made them lose the sense of appreciation of working/making something beautiful and distinctive with your hands, and it’s great to see shows like ‘Great British Sewing Bee’ reminding us of the fun to be had in working with your hands.

The difference between dressmakers and designers is quite significant, but they all share the common ground of ‘creativity’.  Mixing old with new, naughty and nice is ‘Comme Le Sucre’.  Simply translated ‘like sugar’, Comme Le Sucre is a unique up and coming brand providing super cute embroidery in a selection of designs with a ‘prim and proper’ approach, but with a naughty twist. Not quite the cross stitch you’d buy for mothers day, but it is for the women of today who are real and appreciate a good sense of humour but all displayed in the chicest way possible.
Looking at the blog of owner and founder of the company Kim, her creative eye and attention to detail through her moodboards provide in-depth inspiration and it’s evident to see that there is a lot of love and devotion behind every stitch.
Starting at just £7, there are three designs to choose from, if you wish to purchase a custom design contact Kim here.
My personal favourite is ‘I’ll shave my legs tomorrow’. For me it just sums up everything that life should all be about, being yourself and going with the flow.

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