Whitney Inspired.

Music in itself is an inspiration, standalone I would say it's one of the world's greatest gifts. When music and fashion collide it's explosive beyond ones imagination, you only have to think of The Beatles and Elvis Presley to know that the two are inseparable. Today's musical fashion inspiration comes from the late great Ms Whitney Houston. Iconic pop star and vocal powerhouse her style was ever-changing to suit her musical sound and also the current fashions of her time. 

Although Still in July and somehow the summer season, it seems strange to me to be talking about looks to put together for the upcoming winter months. However Whitney's video for 'It's not right, but it's okay' is geared towards a dark gothic style which is a huge trend for the AW12 season. Taking a few of the colours and textures from her video-Ann Demeulemeester's  AW12 collection totally reflects the mood depicted both in song and cinematography, and beauty at Rochas shows a bold lip in blackberry. This look is what I would call la façon féminine de porter du cuir, mais avec des boules ; the feminine way to wear leather, but with balls.

The song is also a favourite of mine, one I enjoy belting out and putting on my 'I'm soo over you' face...don't deny it...I know you do too!!!

Images: style.com, screenshots from Video available on youtube.com 


  1. Right now I'm very inspired by plum color for my lips, is amazing <3

    See you!

  2. I love this song also... such a secret fav :D xx


  3. i missed this song.