SS12 Trends; Feminine Wilds

Spring is here, and where have I been you ask? Well simply resting my eyes; it's been a long time coming that I need to get myself some reading or should I say 'computing' glasses thus explains my recent absence. But on with the post I go-YES spring is here not only in store but the weather too.
September's spring summer shows, was alight with models whimsically walking or in the case of Louis Vuitton being prettily perched on a carousel round the catwalk. Editors and buyers sat and feasted upon the front row with designers like Meadham Kirchhoff serving up lashes of sugar and spice, then it was a gelato party all over the shows with garments in ice cream shades-no-one went home disappointed. 

What has so far been one of my favorite trends to emerge into stores is the 'Feminine Wilds'. Full of prints in bloom from gardena's to posies, it's all about being ultra femme. Think powerpuff girls but doused in the likes of Nina Ricci and Chanel.  Besides the obvious florals and pretty colours, designers have really experimented with fabrics and texture allowing the customer to choose for themselves just how 'uber femme' they want to be.  It's true that some of us would run a mile from the thought of looking like a stepford wife let alone choosing to dress like one -but this season it's all about expressing the REAL woman in you. 

With my shoot that I had planned cancelled last minute, I decided to call upon the ultimate model pack and fashonista's to show you 'Feminine Wilds-in three ways' , ladies and gents I give you 'Karen (circa 97), Naomi (circa 00), and Alexa (circa 98). The three surviving Barbies from my vintage collection...enjoy!

Karen doing the Minimal but feminine look.
Simple pieces in bright shades with blocked accessories keeps this look fresh and modern. 
Naomi is our Girl gone wild.
Clashing and mixing is what this look is all about, layering printed pieces like crop tops is what will take you through the day. 
Alexa is Ultra femme
Go all out in pastel pinks, lilacs and baby blue, plain white trainers and a fur stole with neon sunglasses give it that extra edge.

Images; style.com, zara.com, google.com
Barbie pictures photographed and style by Purple Tweed (me :-)

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