AW11 Trends; Boy Meets Girl.

Back in 1966 the Godfather of Soul James Brown told us that this was a mans world,and it seems that he was right, as the AW11 International designer collections collided with this theme and birthed the 'Boy meets girl' look. Women dressing like men has not been unfamiliar territory, first to glamorise it was Yves Saint Laurent with the 'Le Smoking' suit and with style icons like Catherine Hepburn donning the look- it's been glorified ever since. 

Still masculine and edgy but this time round the femininity is in the detail; designers have played with this trend to create forever pieces which are all incredibly wearable but super chic. Cleverly  incorporating the elements and also the festive season with thick woolen trousers, metallic gold and silver Lurex, crushed velvet slippers and the gleam of all shirts-the sheer tuxedo, there's nothing you can't love. 

Freshmen of the big apple, Alexander Wang was a favourite as he sent his models down in slouchy black trousers with leather waistbands, sheer tuxedo placket bibs and oversize cape-jackets. His collection had an air of 90's cool grunge coupled with a whisk of elegance and grace. 
An easy way to wear this look is by teaming unusual shapes and silhouette's together-to mix the two worlds together, say a boxy jacket with a whimsical blouse or a dramatic cape with a silk shirt in moonlight grey. 

For real inspiration look no further than Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld's vision of a androgynous Chanel Women. Tough leather biker boots, skinny dark jeans, a reworked cropped boxy version of the classic Chanel jacket and diamante sparklers in the hair- C'est Perfect! 

Images: style.com 


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