AW11 Trends; A 1964 Minute.

As temperatures dip, mornings quickly become evenings and leaves transform themselves, so does our seasonal wardrobe. 
Autumn is well and truly underway one cannot deny that, but one might say that designers were thinking of Indian summers and indulging in macaroons along the river Seine when they designed their AW11 Collections. Harking back to the era of the 1940's when three men were giving Parisian women exactly what they wanted; a new look, Pierre Balmain, Christian Dior and Hubert de Givenchy all created chic and modern couture pieces that changed the history of fashion forever. Fast forward a couple of decades later and that task of something new has been curated through the hands of Muccia Prada, Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel and a whole host of upcoming European designers. 

Distinctively European and ladylike this trend is a fusion of the couture technique and style of the 1940's with the silhouette and cut of the 1960's- prints of swallows, panels and use of luxury fabrics bring about that 2011 cutting edge flavour.
Miu Miu's models exuded beauty that matched up with a 40's Hollywood screen siren with fresh matte skin and pale pinky cheeks with the staple scarlet red lipstick and curled swept back hair, matched with semi power suits in molten browns, swallow printed tea dresses in tomato red and tailored to a tee jackets in mustard yellow. Chanel went down the route of futuristic sixties space like shift dresses with their classic monochromatic detailing, but it was MaxMara who made this trend the most interesting with practical and covetable pieces in muted tones of ivory, champagne and metallic silver. 

This is a trend that all will love as it's easy to incorporate into your wardrobe especially your work wear. Peplums add a drop of intrigue into your pencil skirt whilst basic garments that are interchangeable like jackets, blouses and trousers are presented in deep rich hues which will brighten up your days. Runaway with your inner child with charming prints of birds and things of the feline nature. The high street has gone crazy for tea dresses which are easy to wear but can be layered up for the colder days and nights ahead. 

Feel the love with the Parisian heritage as it meets the British temperatures and flourish like the birds of the air on Miu Miu's dresses. 

Images from style.com


  1. Brilliant post :) I love dressing for A/W!x

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    I dream of this fabulous Miu Miu low boots :)

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