A month of Brick Lane, rainbows, snogging and Hermes!

No I haven't been getting randy in Brick Lane LOL. Apologies for  the lack of post's and slow responses to all your comment's but my outlandish title is basically one huge catch up on all the things I've been getting up too.

Recently finished an internship for a trend forecasting company which was amazing and my time there had me passing through London's famous Brick Lane;picked up a few fab vintage finds and  snapped up some 'Banksy' look-a-likes as well as a few other great murals. My favorite one being of the Shakespeare quote 

'The object of art is to give life a shape'

I stumbled across Pigeons and Peacocks a newish magazine focusing on the creative side of life; from fine art to crazy fashions. I've recently got a job working at Topshop in my local area-so the rainbows and Starbucks are my working lunches (doing all my freelance stuff)and journey's home, it was such a magical moment I knew I just had to capture it. 

Snog is a new desert company that's based in Covent Garden selling pro-biotic frozen yogurt. It's not groundbreaking but I thought the concept and design of the store was pretty cool-I mean-who would say no to a man in an apron with devilish good looks offering you a 'free snog'- GREAT marketing tool!!!

My yearly dose of art was topped up again with a lovely visit to V&A with my sister-with pre-museum visit drinks-was a smashing day. And now that I'm working; the first thing I'm saving up for is an Hermes Birkin-now that there's no longer a waiting list, my money is as good as anyone else's!! Bring on the delivery of an orange box to my door step-woop woop!!

Last but not least-a woman as fictitious as she is, has now been added to my style icon list none other than Mrs. Karen Walker- she's drunkenly fabulous and outspoken with a killer rack indeed, my love of Will and Grace has only grown!

So that's it peeps, I've been a busy little bee haven't I, and getting busier with all of the four fashion weeks to catch up on-what shows have you been dying to see?

Have a fashionably fabulous week!!! 


  1. thank you for your comment! you are so right. ahhh i saw the pictures of "brick lane" and had to think about my time in london some weeks ago, was there for a couple of days and it was veryveryveryveryvery exciting! :)) greets

  2. it's great to be able to do all these stuff.i look fwd to hearing more about your internship.i love hermes for its mosaic collection,v & a was my fav place to go when i lived there,kind of miss the events and art.oh i love karen too!in real life she is pretty different.xo

  3. Firstly, thanx a lot for your comment dear!!deserts, Birkins and museums?yeahhh!I want a Birkin myself but I can't afford it yet (even better a So Kelly bag), at least I can afford the deserts and the museums haha!I really enjoy your blog and I follow, would like to follow each other?? <3

    Wizy Wiz

  4. Thank you for your sweet comment !:) ♥

    See you soon ! xoxo A.

  5. Such a great post... and OMG an Hermes Birkin!!!

  6. you had me at the post title. ;)

  7. Thank you for the comment! I am loving your blog so I followed (:
    Brick Lane is great isn't it? I adventure down there most weekends! As for Snog.. it sounds wicked!
    ashllyd.com x

  8. I love Brick Lane :)