Black September

The cover just exudes fun!

This time last year, I cried tears of sorrow at leaving my beautiful family home in leafy J10 of the M1, life was about to change as I was upping sticks from living in a town that was 20 minutes away from Central London to an even leafier county that was now 2 and a half hours away from the city of London. 

It being Shakespeare’s County didn’t exactly thrill me but it left me somewhat intrigued. Life was changing and so were the seasons; this move meant having to leave behind friends and family. Going into my final year of university was exciting but nothing excited me as I knew that checking my account balance let alone trying to buy something would be nothing but an exercise of blowing virtual dust off from the insides of my account. August had moved slowly and with the month creeping to an end I knew it meant only one thing; The September Issue; first look at the international collections, the NEW SEASON.

Even though I had already clued myself up by being glued to my laptop screen with Style.com, watching shows being streamed live, through chilly February, there’s nothing quite like seeing the editorial team’s vision of the seasons trends on paper. 

The ability to touch the page as your turn it, and have your index finger tap rigorously at the pieces you ‘die’ for-is classed as (in my fashion world opinion) a human right (yes we don’t live in the real world but the fashion one-catch up!) , and it’s only with the September issue that you willingly take yourself back to school and go through design theory class, a chance to learn about the new crop of up and comings not forgetting to mention the pages we all really swoon over with sheer anticipation(even those who tick the one hundred thousand box when were asked what salary bracket we fit into), pounce onto these pages. Nothing other than the shopping pages and more dash than cash. Whereby even the elite in fashion show us how to do it chic-a-nomically.  But alas this fateful promise of spending my Sunday afternoon with Vogue+tea+cake never came true in the year of 2010.

My internship, the move and red letters that somehow found my new address meant I couldn’t partake the in joy of buying and reading the September Issue of Vogue.  
A year later, and it’s all smiles as the red letters through the door are replaced with subscription issues. Positively the best thing I’ve bought for the year (that and ASOS Premier-ooh and my railcard). I’m so happy that I’ve got one as my library of Vogue’s looked so awkward with a month skipped; mind you with the British weather the way it is August-October it’s all the same!
I haven’t even had a chance to open it and read as yet but I shall soon share with you my fav editorials and stories.

Happy Tuesdays!!


  1. I am so glad that you got it in the mail... it make for a happy ever after ending to your story

  2. Whereabouts in Shakespeare's country are you? I am very nearby as it happens! I hope you're settled in now a year on. Great written style <3 Thanks for your comment


  3. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog! I follow you!



  4. She's fantastic!

    X Heels In Sand

  5. Thank you for stopping by and commenting on Bravoe Runway! What an impressive career you have started to build!

  6. Love the dress in that editorial! Definitely screams fun!

    xo L.