You stop my heart..

I'm having a major fashion affair with leopard print so you'll have to just excuse me whenever you see something leopard-print related in my posts. The latest addition to my collection is the tan leopard print version of the aw10 bag from ASOS.com.  This time round it was a gift so that makes it easier for my bank balance to swallow. I've named them the 'Babushka Collection' (a take on Gucci's cult folklore bags back in AW08). Some might see it as greed to have two of the same bag but, to me it's an investment; great for work (whenever I get a job), great for travel-fits all my necessities, plus the tan one's for spring/summer and the black one for autumn/winter! Fashion smiles all round :-) 


  1. Wow that is Lovely...


  2. thanks a lot for your comment! love theese bags!!!