Topshop AW11 Preview

Looks 1-4

Looks 5-8

Looks 9-12

Looks 13-16 

Looks 17-20

With matte satin turquoise crops, leather jacket lapels, and nod's to the 90s's grunge revival;, Topshop has released a great preview for the oncoming AW11 season. A very balanced line of ultra glam and folklore chic as well as androgynous tailoring harking to the era that made grunge look cool- the 1990's a very big trend amongst the designer pack. Trims and finishes are quirkily adorned with leopard and fur and the odd splash of colour.  Personally I'll be wanting to rock the turquoise crops, alongside the mongolian fur leather jacket and play a game of peek-a-boo with the polka sheer-through top. Look no 18 reminds me of 'Lol' from the show and film 'This is England 86', in fact all the looks from 17-20 have alot of references to grunge/skinhead culture. 

What will you be wanting to wear?

Images www.telegraph.co.uk


  1. Thanks for the preview. You Islanders are always ahead of us, Americans.

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