Shopping and blogging away!

One of my favourite past times is shopping however I don't see it as a hobby as it's technically my life lol, as a stylist shopping and sourcing for shoots is a regular occurrence, it just helps that I love it too. Unfortunately being challenged in the purse department I purchased what will be my last pair of heels until further notice!!! Shock horror I know, but I already have an obscene amount of shoes that I don't wear enough, so I have decided to hold off on shoe shopping until it gets dire, the only things being purchased from now on are uni things. On with the story, so I went into Forever 21 hoping that I would find a great spring buy, and I did just that- say hello to 'blossom'. At £22 and the last pair in stock, I couldn't leave them behind- it would've been viewed as 'SHOE CRUELTY' so I did the right thing, and now they sit proudly amongst my Maddens, Ravels, Tophops,ASOS's and many others. 
and also...doing my usual round of blog reading, I happened to read on the front page of British Style Bloggers that I'm up for the 'Blog of the month competition' !!! I'm really excited and would sooo love to win, so please vote for PURPLE TWEED here.  

Thanks ever so much!!!

Image courtesy of forever21.com 


  1. your blog is really lovely, you should have far more followers!! i am now, anyway ;) good luck with the competition, gonna vote for you :) xx

  2. hey, how cool :) yeah it´s really like meeting family :)and thanks for YOUR nice comment to!