The Lady Killer.

The Lady Killer is one killer of an album. Cee-lo Green is undoubtedly a music visionary, his ability to portray all that he is creatively, to the world is unique. His sound, look and style is truly him and most of all he doesn't do it with an attitude that says 'take me seriously' like say Lady Gaga, instead he just does it and has fun with it and allows you to join him for the fun--filled funk-soul ride!!!  Point and case: Grammy's performance with Oscar nominated actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

This brings me to his video of the latest single release 'Bodies'. With cameo appearances from Janelle Monae, Common, Kerry Washington,(the ever so lushly talented) Raphael Saadiq and fashion luminary Karl Largerfield it's honestly nothing like I've ever seen before. Directed by Mikael Colombu and shot in 2D, I love it's retro aspect and attention to detail, especially in the scene whereby Monae is about to kill the infamous 'lady killer' with a 'Karl Largfield switchblade knife' which humorously is noted to be available from H&M for 19.99!!
The rich darkness of the colours used bring about a vibrancy to the screen- something fresh and not normally incorporated when it comes to music videos. Overall I'm a lover of this video- the story is intriguing and keeps you hooked and ends with a fabulous twist. It only makes me wonder and look forward to the future of his videos.

Video from youtube.com

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