A sad day in Fashion.

It's been brought to my attention that Carine Roitfield-editor in chief of Paris Vogue; has decided to leave French Vogue to pursue her own personal ventures definitely un jour triste dans la mode (a sad day in fashion). Carine has been and is such a force to be reckoned with, in my eyes an editor of the decade. Her roots as a model; being surround by beautiful clothes and walking for various designers threw her into wardrobe styling and a few pairs of Louboutins later, from here she is leaving French Vogue , rumours say to team with Tom Ford with his return to the pret-a-porter business. 

She truly has a great personal style; she allows her clothes to speak for her and represent herself as a fashion forward-realistic woman; realistic enough to wear certain garments, but not necessarily reality for all, but then again isn't fashion 'another reality' but we just happen to be entangled with it? Having said that she, like Anna Wintour wears clothes that suit her and are appropriate to her position; she has to been seen wearing quality high-end designer pieces , paying her dues to the classics like the Chanel Tweed suit and the 2.55 quilted purse or be confident in a Oscar De La Renta dress, but mixes it up with a bit of Gareth Pugh and Richard Nicoll bringing herself into today but not looking like a try-hard, being 56 she really does represent for her age group, puts some of us twenty-somethings to shame. 
October 2010

I'm sure many are eager to snap her up as a consultant-as her contribution in the past to brands like Gucci, Calvin Klein and of course Tom Ford, have catapulted them into huge successes, but it'll also be very interesting to see what she herself comes up with. She's left Paris Vogue on a high; after having celebrated their 90th birthday it was fitting for the French to celebrate masquerade style; not so much Gossip Girl drama but more Chanel and Dom Dom Periongue.  My knowledge of Miss Roitfeld's work is very limited as I only stumbled across her work in my late teens but thank God for the Internet. Here's a few of my favourite editorials. Carine from Purple Tweed; all the best in the future!

February 2010 

My Favourite cover; Mars 2010

Images from fashiongonerouge.com 

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