Winter Warmers.

Walking home that night was fun but slippery work!

Snow up to my calves!

(Was)my snow covered tennis court last year.

Today whilst having a quiet minute to myself I picked up The Sunday Times and  saw this advert from Land Rover-and I burst out with great laughter at the truth behind this ad and the memories of last winter. 

Last winter's snowfall was by far the heaviest, thickest, and coldest- and it was around for days, if not weeks on end! But the most memorable of the snowy weather was when my sister and I where trekking back from one of her gigs, now normally it takes 20mins to get home from where we where but it took us an hour , which in the grand scheme of things isn't that long however the journey itself was humorous as well as arduous because walking in thick snow is no mean fete! Not only did the weather leave us stuck indoors but when the snow eventually melted away all the cars in our household all 3 of them broke down!

So I laugh and reminiscence but also shed a semi tear at the fact that the money we spent repairing the 3 cars couldv'e bought us a Land Rover but alas this year we still don't have a Land Rover, oh well, guess I should learn how to ski then ey!

Advert scanned from newspaper, photos taken by Purple Tweed. 

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