This is how you single handedly end the Famine Of Beauty.

Design genius Tom Ford has decided to no-longer let the fashion world suffer from this 'famine of beauty' by giving us a delectable editorial serving in the hands of Steven Meisel. For those of you who may or may not know, Tom didn't showcase his Womenswear SS11 collection alongside all the other designers during Fashion Week to the press, instead he had a show with special invited guests, amongst them Pop sensation Beyonce was there modelling one of his pieces. So for him to have them captured by Meisel and modelled by Karen Elson, Anja Rubik, Stella Tennant, and Carolyn Murphy and few others and to be featured in Decembers issue of American Vogue is almost like a Christmas present for us all, well to those that buy this particular issue of course, which I think I will. 

What I must comment on, is the contrast of the shoot; sultry and decadent paired against matte and angular lines with texture in the grooming of both Tom and the models hair (which I think appears to be Karen Elson in this shot), even though they contrast they also compliment each other; the use of black and white brings about sharpness and precision to the cloth whilst the above shots are like murals painted in a King Henry 8th style but with modern peoples, and don't let me get started on the actual garments-or I might just not go to bed and this post might be as long as the screen!  

To Tom and Steven, I raise my duck feathered pillows to you...bravo, bravo! And to you world I close my macbook and my eyelids.

Images courtesy of fashiongonerouge.com 

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  1. Bravo! Hans Holbein used to paint for King Henry 8th. I see the tones. I think you're right. (you're right you're right you're....so right)