I heart B-town..

It's that time of year again; back to uni I go- can you believe how fast time has flown and now I'm in my final year!! Originally this blog of mine was birthed out of a module from uni; a way to diarize and 'journal' our findings, inspirations, thoughts and research behind all of our projects and assessments, like anything it was all a bit new and I had many a case of writers block but now I love it and as well as my knowledge, even my blogs identity and style has  evolved. 
'Sky's the limit'
By far England's best beach with actual golden sand for miles on end- our golden coast
So this post is for uni; and the beginning of my first term back. Having completed my fashion editorial placement during the summer, I am now in the entrepreneurial classes preparing me to set up and run my own business. I am really excited and ready to go; I am so loving the flexibility of this term and the freedom to create and birth what-ever we want really! 
The sea's endless curve is proof that the world is round- for those who don't believe lol ;-) 
As time goes by I will continue to post more on my 'uni happenings'. But most importantly with all the briefs,essays, dissertations and business plans one has to write I love it most when I come back to Bournemouth and get an opportunity to just sit at the beach and take it all in and just breathe the fresh sea air; when I'm cooped up in Warwick that's what I miss-seeing, hearing and breathing the sea; I love being at the beach. When I go there I get another chance to collect my thoughts, calm myself and feel rejuvenated to do whatever and most of all I love seeing the roundness of the earth....the endless curve of the sea as the sun rises and sets is something I really appreciate and value.

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  1. So, welcome back! I really like your blog.
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