Discography Retrospect: Kelis

Kelis's music has always been fresh, original, hip and just down right funky! 
Her unique sound translates into her videos- telling stories with her weird and wonderful sound and looks has something that has made her who she is. Her style is creative, individual bold and very unique just like her music. These are just a few of my favourite tracks, but my favourite Kelis album has to be 'Tasty'.

From it's bright bold album cover to it's mellow and harmonious tracks like 'Glow' featuring artist and producer Raphael Saadiq, you really can feel the good times of Mo-town influence, and even a semi club banger like 'Milkshake' it's success as a club anthem and sound and even themes is similar to that of Beyonce's 'Crazy In Love'. But my favourite tracks as it is too difficult to pick one are the following; 'Glow', 'Millionaire', 'Trick Me', 'Sugar honey iced tea' but really I love the whole album. 

The bold colour and set design makes this video look new every-time you see it. I also like how the styling has been watered down- it still works and still is Kelis.

This was when we were first introduced to Kelis in her raw original state. I think this is my favourite of her video's; controversial with a real story, great direction and I remember when I first saw this video thinking 'man I want an afro like that!'

'Milkshake' I like how this video wasn't too sweet or candy like it was normal- Kelis walking to work, gritty- downtown diner in Brooklyn that sold normal ordinary milkshake and also the reaction of the customers was just fab! 

A great collaboration that produced a serious tune and I liked how the video was distant to the song in some way- it wasn't obvious 'look at me I'm a millionaire' sort of thing! 

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