My New Studio/bedroom/chill room/boudoir...

I am now based in the lovely county of Warwickshire- Shakespeare's county. It's lovely and quiet- I am sort of your 'I love the country but I need the city' type girl. But I do love the peace and tranquility here. My studio isn't quite complete, still got a few boxes here and there but this is the progress I have made so far.

View from my velux bedroom window-on the third floor of the house overlooking the country hills and meadows.

Sun sets to the right of my room.

Jewellery shelf
All things animal...

Jewellery shelf 2
My under-construction desk- notice Diana's( stand) new travelling coat aka Bubble wrap- a look I'm sure will catch on. Lol.

Handbag shelf

Vogue baby!

I know the guys who helped us move thought-damn this girl likes to read!

Storage shelf

Shoes galore- my other one true loves.Lol.

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