Ten out of Ten!

So ASOS have outdone themselves once again, however I've been very good this term( usually I'm in 10 new pairs by the end of the first week back to uni) I know, I've got a problem- but it's shoes so no it doesn't need dealing with thank-you!  But like I said, I've been very good and only purchased one pair of much needed, discounted Topshop ankle boots, but I'm still calculating my budget for my shoe shop galore at ASOS- and this time round I aim to stick to my budget- just so you know- shoes are a big part of me-a very big part of me- take it or leave it!!!

These beautiful roped babies are sold out- I'ma wait till they come back in stock and half price too!! £50

These bad boys tick all the upcoming details of the  'Samurai Chic A/W10' trend- heavy stitch detailing cased against beautiful almond toe leather nicely packing a very decent platform to aid the pain of a stiletto heel- so perfect with a pair of tights- the brighter the color the better but the 'noirness' of black will just give that elegant boost one needs during winter. Love. £70

Suede panelling, platform accompanied with a stacked heel and gold rivets referencing the Gladiators of Troy and also a perfect companion with a flowing maxi dress-need I say more? £40

All I can think of when I see these is like fashionably frolicking about in english meadows, whilst wearing Burberry's re-worked ruched mac- all ticking the 'Candy-floss and Pistachio' trend, more Pistachio I think. £95
After last winters snow debacle I see it fit to go crazy on ski-wear, and with Global warming and the world coming to an end what better way to see the snowy months through than with these babies. Just in ASOS's warehouse at £150.
The only reason why I'd purchase these wonder is because that's what it is- like art for the feet- real show-stoppers. The architectural references make it like a Picasso piece. £120
I love how this shoe is the epitome of the S/S10 'military chic' trend- it's practical (like military wear should be) references the theme with the spiked-timbaland boot-ish sole but the colour is day but the sparkle on the band easily transforms it into night- the only accessory needed is a bangin' pedicure. £95
The everyday 'workwear' heel- the leather round toe court- I will be definitely taking this off my wish-list and into my basket. £60
Nude shoes will never go out of style- weather for little day cocktail parties or just rocking it with a pair of turned up skinnies they will see you year through year- not quite Christian Louboutin but the shape is classic with a retro twist but the leather will only get better as time passes.
Riviera red raffia espadrille suede wedges- a pair of wedges everyone needs in their wardrobe, the summer shoe. £40

All pictures from ASOS.com

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