Yes, although I have come to the end of my PPRD2 unit, this is not the end of my blog, I have come to really love blogging, I love it because, it's one of the easiest ways of showing the world all about me and my work and fashion/art= LIFE through my eyes- it's me making an impact on the fashion industry, though it may be small but one should learn  to not despise humble beginnings !!

My (five year plan/CV/dream job) is still a little bit sketchy-simply because it forever keeps changing-the amount of times my eraser has hit that paper is pure jokes- but it's good-at least I'm paying attention and making myself aware of the future-it would be complete foolishness to walk out of uni without a clue as to what to do- having said that my plan is still sketchy! 
I know that the end goal/dream is to run my own independent label- selling worldwide, but I also want to work or rather gain as much knowledge about the business side of fashion; where in comes my buying/merchandising skills- through this I'll be able to plan stock/look at the accounts etc, I have the basic skills to make draft patterns for my collection- from 2d to 3d to digitising it using software like Lectra and Kaledo. 
Through styling lectures and seminars I have a little bit more than the basic knowledge on how to direct/style/plan and basically run a photoshoot, how to work with people when it comes to styling-being able to work with them, help them and not gode, annoy or disrespect them, and also through group projects I have gained transferable skills to only promote me in the working environment-starting me off well and through modules like the trendbook and final major project magazine I have a great understanding of research/layout/design and journalism helping me to possibly work in editorial publishing etc.

See what I mean when I say sketchy- it's all a bit jumbled and mumbled but I know that these coming months doing placement etc will only help me get closer to my decision and rightful path-and it helps to know that at the end of the day I have what it takes and I do it because I LOVE it!!!

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