Frankie Morello S/S10 Accessories

This is the Italian designer Frankie Morello's latest Spring/Summer 2010 Women's shoe line. Pictures Courtesy of http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=164388&id=276078367759&ref=mf

It's purple- need I say more? 

I love the ruching detailing on the calf of the shoe- I think more a/w than s/s, very equestrian. 

Ticking the 80's pop trend box? I think so!

This shoe is almost like a shoe maker met some leather, went horse riding, drew a few sketches and gave birth to this creative mule.

I'm loving the 'filigree/frogging' type detail on the back of the shoe (blue) and on the peep toes (purple) soo fabulous! Definitely one on my wish-list.

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