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The task was set to us to answer the somewhat simplistic question of 'British Fashion; What is the future?' So here I am to take the chance to anser this.

From my point of view I personally believe that the future of British fashion lies in the hands of those people (weather they be designers/consumers/business people etc) who are sick and tired and just basically fed up of stores like Primark and other fast-fashion stores who ram cheap clothes down our 'fashion throat' and into our wardrobes.

This recession has seen many fashion companies make major cut backs and some of these 'cut-backs' have been publicised and others not so and majority of these companies are high end designer labels (whose end product is at a high price-causing what is known as a 'high risk factor'- e.g. if a pair of shoes is priced at around £1000.00 they are putting themselves in a high risk because although one or two sales of that product can give them more than enough to cover their costs and boost profit, its also very likely that they won't sell any pairs putting their company fiancees into risk.)

The economical breakdown worldwide has blurred the mind of the consumer leading them to believe quantity over quality is best. As the recession fades and business begin to boom and banks get financially stronger and begin lending again, consumers minds will be redirected to think- ' that a recession or financial global disaster can strike again'.

During the first world war civilians were made to ration near about everything including fabric for clothes, but when Christian Dior came out with the 'new look' creating elegant wearable clothes with meters and meters of fabric, people were shocked and didn't understand the need of making something soo extravagant with all that fabric but it was elegant, classic and timeless- drawing people in, making them desire these couture garments.

In time people will see the need to buy things that are sustainable and long lasting, the 'Britney Spears' way of living; rumoured that daily she would wear a brand new pair of panties from Agent Provocateur at $65 a pop!! It may not be the same quality but even the average person can do the same thing by buying them from Primark. As globalisation increases and progresses on, resources will become limited and more expensive to acquire meaning garments/products will in turn cost more to make and to buy. However, though upcoming and established talent may provide us with quality garments and slow down the speed at which the industry is moving at, it doesn't mean that stores like New Look and Primark will close down- they just might not be as popular but there will always be a market for stores like this and the process of slowing down the fashion industry won't be a success overnight- it will take time but eventually we will get there.

(Pictures courtesy of fashioncapital.co.uk, quietrebel.wordpress.com, health-res.com.)

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