Vogue Paris African Art

Vogue's African Woman.

Recently I have met with a friend who introduced me to this creative organization which they are part of, they focus on the creative industries and send emails/blogs/posts etc on the different aspects of the creative industries - I saw this post and just knew I HAD to blog about this...it's totally amazing!!!

'In November’s issue of Vogue Paris, Editor-in Chief Miss Carine Roitfeld styled supermodel Isabeli Fontanafor the lens of celebrated photographer David Sims in Keith Haring inspired body tattoos and some of Fall’s exciting pieces for an extraordinary editorial rightfully titled “Keith Me“. The result: legendary pop art comes to life, in styles echoing extreme ethnic accents in the chicest playful way, a rogue play on African tribal fashions and exotic mischievousness' thehub.c-hub.com

Personally I love how they have managed to capture the 'african/tribal trend' and keep it fresh but original by ticking all the reference boxes!! The Louis Vuitton blanket scarf disguisedly acts as a one shouldered wrap dress, with beautiful zip detailing and the positioning of the iconic label letters 'LV' are very well placed, and act as a print to the look which is carried out through the whole shoot as body paint (body art)look.

The colors are vivid but mute in tone, they exude luxury and simplicity but also make it obvious that this isn't a look that was just thrown together-no- it has been very well thought out and planned from the 'duku' headscarfs to the opposite trend of the tweed jacket, it's all relevant and I love it soo much... fashion styling at it's best!!!
I'd have to say my favorite is the one I have named 'todays african woman', she is wearing the textured tweed jacket and has wrapped her duku in the traditional way but she looks fabulous and modern and she looks like she could go from the office to lunch and back!!

Pictures courtesy of http://thehub.c-hab.com

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