Paper plates, toy cars and toothpicks= bridges...hhm?!

In todays session we had to work together as a team to build a paper plate bridge in order to enable a little toy car to get from one chair to the next...heres how we got on... in my team was me, Laura, Jen,Phillipa and Harriet.

(1)To start off we came up with the idea to make the edges of the paper plate lighter-in order for the car to get across easily so we ripped the edges off.
(2) Laura and I came up with the idea to build supporting edges for the plates using the ripped edges and the toothpicks.
(3) Together we all pinned the plates together creating a chain, so that it would reach the other chair.
(4) The finished bridge, awaiting the tiny toy car.

Unfortunately the car didn't make it all the way across...it decided to stop at a traffic light in the middle of the bridge, oh well better luck next time I say!


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